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It’s been 5 days since Smokeys came back home & she’s so much better :3 She’s walking & jumping a lot. She’s pretty much her normal self besides her playfulness. She’s been sleeping a looot but it’s probably because of her medicine. She’s been doing so good ❤️

Anonymous said: Things like this and people defending the actions of the mental ill person that almost killed your cat because being mental ill is a free license for everything even killing is the reason i am afraid of mental ill people and being around them. Great job people. I hope Smokey is doing well soon and is getting back on her tracks so she can take her revenge on that piece of scum. You are in my thoughts, kuweiner. Wish I could do more for you and Smokey.

Yeah it’s ridiculous. I can’t get too mad at the people saying it because it’s not like they know him but it does aggravate me. This is about Smokey, not him, so why are a lot of people focusing on him? He’s a psychopath, & I’ve always gotten dark vibes from him. Thank you for the concern she’s doing better each day ❤️


Anonymous said: Good luck healing, Smokey! She's doing a lot better than I was expecting when I first saw the post. I hope your case against the abuser goes well and I hope Smokey is able to make a full recovery soon. You're in my thoughts. <3

She healed so fast considering the condition she was in it took us by surprise. She’s laying on me right now


Anonymous said: Wow okay first of sorry about your fucking cat but you cannot put the blame on someone's mental illness. People have no control over how they are and the way they act under certain circumstances like that.


I made this days ago and wanted to send it to you but I’m terribly shy and anxious I’m sorry…

Ahh this is so cute! Thank you for the drawing c: I wish I could show Smokey. It looks just like her xD

Anonymous said: Wow, that is some fast healing! It's so great to see Smokey getting better so soon! I hope everything else (the move, etc) goes great for you both.

❤️Thank youuuuu


Anonymous said: People who abuse or kill animals are just a step away from doing so to human beings. I hope they put him away for what he did, and that your cat is alright. I'd go fucking berserk if anyone did something like that to my dog. All the best. ❤️

Me too. I don’t want to be paranoid for the rest of my life. It’s so sick how anyone could hurt an animal.


Anonymous said: Have you thought about getting a restraining order against him? If he's this violent to a defenseless animal, I doubt he'd have second thoughts about anyone else in the household.

We already have one but those don’t always help. He’s already hurt my boyfriends mom a lot so it wouldn’t surprise me if he did try & kill us. When we move he won’t know where we live.


Anonymous said: I'm so sorry that happened to your baby I really want to help but I just don't have the money but I so hope that monster who did that to your fluffy little angel gets what he deserves

We raised enough & he will :/


Anonymous said: Keep your head up angel

Thank you ❤️

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